The Goldee Rules

1. Exfoliate dead skin the day before, not essential but will add to a flawless glow.

2. Splash cold water on to your face, neck, decolletage to tighten skin and close pores for the perfect canvas. Ensure face is dry before application.

3.  Protect your hair with the LUXE VELVET SPA HEADBAND.

4. Spray the ULTRA FINE TANNING MIST 10 cm away from your face in an ‘up to down’ motion. Spray as little or as much as you want to achieve your desired glow.

5. Wipe brows post tan with a towel to avoid any colour on hairs.

6. Keep your face moisturised to prolong your GOLDEE BEE glow. A hydrating face mask is always our go to.

7. Avoid retinol as this can make skin more sensitive and will shorten the life of your glow.

8. Brush your teeth before you tan your face, as the whitening from your toothpaste can collect at the sides of your mouth and remove your tan.

9. We recommend tanning your face at night before bed, so you wake up feeling GOLDEE.

10. Don’t forget to wear your SPF