Tan Hack 1: Achieving flawless hands and feet can be a challenge when applying self-tan. To attain the ultimate head-to-toe glow, discover this ingenious tanning trick inspired by TikTok. Start by generously applying your favorite GoldeeBee lotion, allowing it to sit for about 10 minutes. Our expert, Soph, concurs that "lotion is key" for seamless application on hands and feet.

Now, the magic begins. Utilize a blending brush to apply your preferred GoldeeBee self-tan, employing circular motions all over the back of your hand. While knuckles might pose a challenge, this hack ensures beautifully blended results. Enhance this technique using our tan-friendly body moisturizer, available in delectable Coconut or Tropical Rum scents, along with our specialized body brush. The dense bristles of the brush ensure even and flawless coverage over these intricate areas.

Tan Hack 2: Conquering back tanning woes is a breeze with this inventive hack that harnesses a common kitchen utensil. As Soph discovered, it's a genius solution. Grab a wooden spoon from your kitchen, place the tanning mitt on the spoon's end, securing it with a hair tie or elastic band. Apply your GoldeeBee self-tan to the mitt and use the wooden spoon to effortlessly reach and apply to your back. While this TikTok method might be a tad intricate, Soph favors the sturdiness and efficiency of our GoldeeBee back applicator, specifically designed for this purpose.

Tan Hack 3: Elevate your contouring game with this TikTok tanning hack that requires no makeup. Let GoldeeBee Self Tan be your secret weapon to achieving a natural contour. Start by applying your favorite face tanning product on your mitt and draw a "three" shape. Begin from the top of your forehead, move around your cheekbone, and finish along your jawline. Soph's advice: "Don't forget to blend it out!" Experience ultimate convenience with GoldeeBee's Self Tan Contour Kit, thoughtfully crafted for facial application. It comes with two distinct brush sizes for achieving the perfect tan contour. Apply, rest, rinse, and reveal – a stunning, natural contour is yours!

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